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Atlantic Credit Foundation was founded in 2000 & is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization.

EVERY DOLLAR RAISED BY DONATIONS goes entirely for what the money is being raised for---the very best Security Metal Detectors & other security measures & their installation, installed into schools nationwide at NO COST to schools & school districts.

We are contacting elected Officials, Law Enforcement, Superintendents of schools, corporations & everybody else that wants to be on board on this mission to end school shootings & for School Security & Safety.

We are working with the very best security metal detector company who's security metal detectors are installed & used at the White House, the U.S Secret Service, 99% of U.S. airports, Federal Bureau of Prisons, just about every sports stadium & arena & many more high level clients that need the highest security.

We are working directly with the manufacturer to get these Security Metal Detectors installed into every school---at NO COST to the schools.

Through donations, we can move forward very quickly here, make it as simple & easy as we can for all schools to have Metal Detectors installed for free, immediately, with no long delays, to prevent another school shooting from ever happening again.

All the schools will need to do is tell us how many Security Metal Detectors & what other security products that they would need from us.

The Metal Detectors installed are specifically designed for schools & similar locations, so that personal items like cell phones & keys won't set the Metal Detector off, making for fast, easy pass through of the Metal Detectors for the students.

It is designed for weapons detection.

The Metal Detectors can be programmed to immediately alert Police if the Detectors go off.

Since ACF, Inc. is a non profit organization, everybody that donates will be able to see where the money is going to, what its being used for & that the money is being used for what its intended to be used for.

The names of the company's who's donations cover the cost of the security metal detectors will be PROMINENTLY placed on the security metal detectors, for everybody to know which company's were deeply effected by these shootings & made the donation to be a big part of & support---helping to end these senseless shootings.

Everybody that makes a donation to cover the cost of the security metal detectors can tell us what area or city the schools are located in that they would like to have the security metal detectors installed at.

Most important is that this will definitely save students, teachers & school staffs life's.

Its not the entire answer to end these terrible tragedy's, but its a start & will help stop & prevent many of these shootings.

And because Atlantic Credit Foundation, Inc. is a non for profit corporation, these donations are tax write-offs for whoever make donations.

There will be NO COST TO SCHOOLS for these Metal Detectors & NO COST for the INSTALLATION.

Thank You for your interest & support to stand together be such a big & important part of this incredible movement & put an end to these senseless shootings.
When making a Donation by going to Go Fund Me, it will come up thanking you for your tip. of -%, We don't take tips.  Please put 0 in the tip spot. If you wish to donate less than five dollars go to our PayPal account.
Every dollar matters when it comes to saving lives.  While we started this mission shortly after the Parkland Florida shooting a couple months ago, we are just launching our mission now.

You can go to our GoFundMe page and donate now.
Please note: 100% of donations go to the project of installing the metal detectors. No Administrative costs.

Link to our GoFundMe page.

Allen Fritz

Steve Green

Atlantic Credit Foundation, Inc. 501(c)(3)